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(Updated 01/09/16)

CUTtheNETS™ will offer 3 SELECT tryouts for boys & girls in grades 4-12. Our coaches have experience playing & coaching at the HS, College & Professional levels. While our SELECT program is extremely competitive, our primary focus is on player improvement and development.

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2016 Winter D-LEAGUE - Session #2

(Updated 12/15/15)

CUTtheNETS™ will offer a 4-week D-LEAGUE session this winter for players in grades 4-8. (Winter #2 = 1/5/16 - 1/30/16) This program is ideal for serious basketball athletes working improve through a proven balance of on-court training w/ experienced coaches and competitive games.

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(Updated 12/15/15)

Advanced Movement Program (AMP) is an "all-sports training" course conducted Darryl Perrilloux - Owner of DMP Fitness - in concert with CUTtheNETS™. AMP is designed for athletes – boys & girls / grades 4-8 – of all skill levels. (1) Proper movement patterns, (2) progress into advanced skills, and (3) dynamic movement exercises in the form of competitive activities is the AMP core curriculum. AMP will specifically focus on long-term athletic development (LTAD) to maximize the athletic potential in young athletes during the elementary / intermediate school years.

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(Posted 05/26/15)

CUTtheNETS Develops Top Houston Talent
By: Matt Malatesta
05/26/2015 11:30 AM

CUTtheNETS is one of the top basketball programs in north Houston and has been a tremendous training ground for local athletes looking to take their game to the next level.

Founded on teaching individual skills and team fundamentals, CUTtheNETS stresses concepts such as spacing, court balance and reading the defense. Simple skills that will help kids improve their all-around game, making them versatile polished athletes versed in the game ...

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